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Jeff Nock Reveals the Importance of Using a Business Scorecard

Business consultant Jeff Nock outlines the importance of employing a so-called scorecard, or balanced scorecard, in business. A business scorecard, balanced scorecard, or simply a scorecard is, in business, vital, according to marketing and product development specialist Jeff Nock from Iowa City, Iowa. An experienced executive and business consultant with a demonstrated history of growing startups, nonprofits, […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Outlines Benefits of Christian Values in Business

Jeff Nock Highlights Positives of Christian Values in Business   Iowa City business consultant Jeff Nock explains how Christian values can help any company or organization. Through years of business leadership, and as a highly successful business consultant based in the eastern Iowa city of Iowa City, Iowa, Jeff Nock has proved that the utilization of Christian […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Puts Forward Best Approaches to Market Analysis

Management development specialist and business consultant Jeff Nock, from Iowa City, Iowa, talks market analysis key factors and best approaches.   Having recently spoken at great length about topics ranging from the importance of evolving culture within a company to brand consulting strategies, Jeff Nock, a highly successful business consultant from Iowa City, Iowa, talks […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Provides Five Proven Pricing Strategy Examples

Business consultant Jeff Nock, from Iowa City, Iowa, sets out five of the most common pricing strategies and reveals his favorite. Having spoken at length about internal operational efficiencies, leadership development, branding, culture, partnership development, channel strategies, and more in a series of recently published pieces of writing, Jeff Nock, a successful business consultant from […]

Jeff Nock Reveals how to Create a Channel Strategy

Business consultant Jeff Nock, based in Iowa City, Iowa, explains the basics of creating an effective channel strategy Loosely defined, channel strategy is how a company gets its product or service through their business process to the customer. For example, if a company produces a physical product and sells that product to individual consumers, they […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Highlights Importance of Partnership Development

Branding, sales, and marketing expert Jeff Nock outlines the partnership development process and its importance in business.   A successful Iowa City-based businessman and founder of Prescient Consulting, Jeff Nock boasts a demonstrated history of growing established companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations alike. Here, business consultant Nock outlines the importance of partnership development.   “The […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Delves into Brand Consulting Strategies

Business Expert and Successful Consultancy Firm CEO Jeff Nock Explains Brand Consulting From helping to establish brand identity for startups to evolving brands for more established companies, it is a combination of art and science when brand consulting, according to Jeff Nock. Owner and founder of a highly successful consultancy firm based in Iowa City, […]

Jeff Nock Explains Leadership Team Development

Iowa City-based consulting firm founder and CEO Jeff Nock outlines the importance of leadership team development in business A leading business consultant based in eastern Iowa, Jeff Nock has a proven history of success in employing his skills in strategic planning, new product development/including software development, sales, marketing, presentation development, and more in growing companies […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Underlines Benefits of Leadership Development for Individual Leaders in a Company

Prescient Consulting founder Jeff Nock underscores the importance of individual leader development and explains how the process differs from more general leadership development.   Individual leadership development, or leader development, as opposed to general leadership development, is, according to business consultant Jeff Nock, vital for senior members of staff and executives within companies of all […]